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Optimus & Lean Manufacturing

At Optimus we believe the Lean philosophy can provide enormous benefits to Businesses large and small and we, as an MIS vendor, have a hugely important part to play in the process to provide the technology and the management tools to make it happen.

Optimus made the strategic decision and commitment to be the very first Global MIS Vendor to truly reflect Lean Manufacturing Processes in the software, philosophy and culture of the company.

Optimus has a long term ongoing commitment to encompass Lean principles at the very heart of the product suite and has already introduced functionality to the market to assist with the adoption of Lean Principles.

In addition, Optimus's continued focus on lean manufacturing best practice, means that eliminating wasteful processes is seen as a key daily element to ensure the profitability in each transaction is maximised.

Because everything encompassed in Lean Manufacturing is about every process in the production of a product or service being mapped and understood holistically in relation to the whole business; its success has been its simplicity in identifying and mapping out the efficient from the wasteful!

The Benefits
  • Profitability
  • Sustainability
  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Human Effort
  • Capital Investment
  • Materials
  • Time in all aspects of the business
  • Floor Space
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